Detailed overview: conductors for Ireland

Below, a list of all conductors that conducted the orchestra for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

 Year Title Artist Conductor 
  1965   I'm walking the streets in the rain   Butch Moore   Gianni Ferrio 
  1966   Come back to stay   Dickie Rock   Noel Kelehan 
  1967   If I could choose   Sean Dunphy   Noel Kelehan 
  1968   Chance of a lifetime   Pat McGeegan   Noel Kelehan 
  1969   The wages of love   Muriel Day & The Lindsays   Noel Kelehan 
  1970   All kinds of everything   Dana   Dolf van der Linden 
  1971   One day love   Angela Farrell   Noel Kelehan 
  1972   Ceol an ghrá   Sandie Jones   Colman Pearce 
  1973   Do I dream?   Maxi   Colman Pearce 
  1974   Cross your heart   Tina   Colman Pearce 
  1975   That's what friends are for   The Swarbriggs   Colman Pearce 
  1976   When   Red Hurley   Noel Kelehan 
  1977   It's nice to be in love again   The Swarbriggs + 2   Noel Kelehan 
  1978   Born to sing   Colm Wilkinson   Noel Kelehan 
  1979   Happy man   Cathal Dunne   Proinnsías Ó Duinn 
  1980   What's another year   Johnny Logan   Noel Kelehan 
  1981   Horoscopes   Sheeba   Noel Kelehan 
  1982   Here today, gone tomorrow   The Duskeys   Noel Kelehan 
  1984   Terminal 3   Linda Martin   Noel Kelehan 
  1985   Wait until the weekend comes   Maria Christian   Noel Kelehan 
  1986   You can count on me   Luv Bug   Noel Kelehan 
  1987   Hold me now   Johnny Logan   Noel Kelehan 
  1988   Take him home   Jump the Gun   Noel Kelehan 
  1989   The real me   Kiev Connolly & The Missing Passengers   Noel Kelehan 
  1990   Somewhere in Europe   Liam Reilly   Noel Kelehan 
  1991   Could it be that I'm in love   Kim Jackson   Noel Kelehan 
  1992   Why me   Linda Martin   Noel Kelehan 
  1993   In your eyes   Niamh Kavanagh   Noel Kelehan 
  1995   Dreamin'   Eddie Friel   Noel Kelehan 
  1996   The voice   Eimear Quinn   Noel Kelehan 
  1998   Is always over now?   Dawn Martin   Noel Kelehan 

The musical directors of the Eurovision Song Contest(s) held in Ireland

 Year Location Musical director 
 1971  Dublin  Colman Pearce  
 1981  Dublin  Noel Kelehan  
 1988  Dublin  Noel Kelehan  
 1993  Millstreet  Noel Kelehan  
 1994  Dublin  Noel Kelehan  
 1995  Dublin  Noel Kelehan  
 1997  Dublin  Frank McNamara